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Great stories.

Obvious advice. Interesting thoughts.

Both Heather and Rob have blogs that share their great stories, obvious advice, and interesting thoughts about life with twins.

Blog News

After careful examination, Heather has decided to continue writing on her blog. Yes, Facebook is a much better place to write but the feeds don't last. Her blog gives her a permanent place for her great stories, obvious advice, and interesting thoughts.

Rob has begun using Shuzo as a way to update all his social networks at once. He writes articles, makes updates, and posts pictures or videos with one click.


These blogs are organized first by date and then by category. Newer articles are on top. Use the category navigation on the sidebars to choose categories. Categories include family, dates with the tiwns, web design, media ministry, Flat Stanley, garden, Gerneral hobbies, Holidays, House, MFM personal, Preschool Recipe Twins, and the ever present "Uncategorized." Heather's blog allows comments. Rob's blog has so few words that any comments made would be larger than the blog itself and would inevitable steal the blog's thunder, so to speak.

Heather's Blog

I am Heather Soukup, Rob’s wife, mother of twins, pianist, Christian, seamstress, world traveler, teacher, mentor, lip model, and chef.

I am blonde, creative, mundane, corny, dorky, cheesy, funny, serious, smart, dumb — all at the same time.

I have child induced attention deficit disorder, a BS in Elementary Ed, a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction, a Toyota Camry, and a cookie cutter suburban 2 story home. When I started this blog, I had a small ranch on 5.5 acres.

I dream of running a bed and breakfast. But on the days I don’t have motivation to get dressed after breakfast (much less before), I question whether I should really pursue my dream…

Heather's Blog Heather's Blog

Rob's Blog

I have very few words

Heather's Blog Rob's Blog